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Then things got really real -After 4 years at PLS my husband and I decided it was time to move on to bigger and better things, in 2015 we purchased what is now HairPhix Salon & ColorBar (Yes! My hairstylist came with me- of course! and she still does my hair!) This has been my biggest accomplishment yet! Here I have been able to grow exponentially, I have found my place in this amazing industry and made incredible relationships, not just with clients, but also with the ladies who work beside me every single day. I am so proud and so blessed to have such an amazing career and to be a part of so many womens lives- women that I truly adore! 


 When I am not behind the chair you can find me behind a camera lens and right beside my husband Tom, son Blake, and my fur babies! Spending time with family, traveling, camping, reading a good book and enjoying the life. 

I started doing hair in 2010.. it was a crazy year- I drove an hour each way 5 days a week for 11 months  while raising a 6 yr old and that same year my husband and I decided to get married! Right after graduation from NJC Cosmetology I started renting a booth here in Fort Morgan and I was lost - completely lost. Didnt know where to begin or really what I was doing ... After a year of the "unknown" I  was asked to open a salon with a fellow stylist (my stylist of 5 years to be exact!) I jumped at the opportunity and I am so glad I did!


 Park Lane Salon was the name, where it would all begin.... this is where I would meet some of my all time favorite clients who are still with me today, where I would begin to understand how to do hair, where I would begin to fall in love with my career and where I got my feet wet. I will forever love that place.

Day Three223.jpg
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