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Hello Lovely, welcome home.

Ready for low maintenance, beautiful hair color- served with an amazing experience?

Then you are right where you belong.


So you want to love your hair color and extensions, but maybe....

  • You dont have a stylist that makes you feel heard or understood.

  • You haven't LOVED your hair in a long time.

  • Your hair extensions don't blend or look dull.

  • Your hair feels dry, damaged, and overall unhealthy with no solution in sight?

  • Your hair is feeling thin, or seems like it never grows.

By committing to a stylist who has built their business and techniques around healthy, long and beautiful locks - you'll be in the hands of someone who has the solutions to the things holding you back from loving your hair all the time.


Your journey starts here


Take a look around and make sure to look over my service menu so you know what your investment may look like, and what's included in your service!


Fill out a short form that will tell me about your hair history and goals- tell me a little about yourself!


Upon approval you will receive an email detailing how to book an appointment with me.


Rest easy, your reservation has been made and you can feel confident in the plan we have made for you moving forward.

It all starts with your first appointment..


I will start with a warm welcome and a short tour of my space.

We will have an in depth consultation to make sure we are on the same page-

There will be plenty of drink and snack choices along with amenities to keep you comfortable during your visit.

A custom color that will bring you joy and confidence until your next appointment!

Enjoy a hot towel treatment with scalp massage...

& While drying/styling I will give you my secret tips to keeping up your new style!

Before you go...


We will go over a custom maintenance plan and an at- home haircare routine.

A mini photo sesh is a must!


& Then I will check you out and you'll be on your way!


Everything will be easily accessible for you in between appointments!


Congratulations on investing in yourself and your hair dreams!

I know seeing a new stylist can be intimidating, thats why I have made sure you will have a comfortable and relaxing experience that is customized just for you!

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