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Welcome to the HP Signature hair extension experience


Shala wanted to add some pops of color, so we added pink hair extensions to her hair.

 No color maintenance needed!


Are you looking for a simple confidence boost, needing some extra volume, or growing out short hair?

My signature hair extension experience is the most natural looking and safest way to get it all.

Lets talk hair!  This life changing experience is specific for those who:

  • Those who are growing out a short haircut, hair that wont grow, or that is broken/damaged.

  • Those who just do not have the long and full hair that they once had due to age and/or health issues.

  • Those who have gotten extensions previously, but the cut and color do not blend...

  • Those who want a color change without all the commitment- get the balayage of your dreams with no chemicals!

  • Those who just want all the length and all the volume because..... #mermaidgoals!

If any of these speak to you, then you are in the right place!

I am here to show you how my signature extensions can give you that ultimate self- confidence with out all the high- maintenance stereotypes that come with extensions.

After + Before

Piper loves having all the hair and wanted a shimmery summer blonde.

( We did 2 rows of 20" weft and custom color)

Before + After

Kezia was ready to have her natural hair color and long hair back, why go through the growing pains when you can have it now?!

After + Before

Hair that seems to never grow so we added 2 rows of custom colored weft for added length and volume.


Before + After

Sara wanted long hair for her big day that was coming up in a short amount of time so we did 3 rows of custom colored HP Extensions to give her her "dream hair". Needless to say she was the beautiful bride everyone dreams of being!

Here's what to expect at your first appointment!

As a first time guest in my chair I want to make sure we have time for all the things!!

So please account for being at the salon just a little longer than normal for this one.

All appointments include custom dimensional hair color, a deep conditioning treatment, hair extension install, my seamless extension hair cut, style, and last but not least... A seriously awesome after-care kit to ensure you have everything you need to protect your new investment at home.

Do not fret- we have a coffee bar that offers hot and cold beverages, snacks, and chocolate (because #treatyourself) to keep you satisfied during your visit!


Ready to make the jump and invest in this confidence boosting, life changing experience?

Click the link below to fill out my pre-consultation form and I will create a customized quote based on your hair goals. 

I cannot wait to see you in my chair!

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